We are the Kossack family, and we are so excited to finally announce that we're adopting a little girl from China!  It's something that we've been talking about since our very first date back in 2003.  After we were married, we continue to talk about how one day (after having three kiddos) we'd adopt our fourth child from China.  The only problem with that plan was that it was OUR plan.  Isn't that how it so often goes?  While we are off making our own plans, God gently nudges and redirects us in the way that He wants us to go.  Well, God clearly has a different plan for our family, too, a much better one!

After three years of struggling with unexplainable secondary infertility while trying for baby #3, we felt God leading us back towards adoption.  We've been back and forth for the past year trying to decide between domestic infant adoption (mainly because Lauren really wanted to do the infant thing again) and China adoption.  We've been close to adopting domestically twice (literally had all of the paperwork ready to hand in), but both times God stopped us and led us back to China.  It's where our hearts have been from the beginning and we are exciting that we've finally said "YES" to God's plan for our family.  It's a scary step, definitely a leap of faith, but an exciting one!

At this time we've been approved by our adoption agency, CCAI, and are working with our social worker to help complete all of the paperwork that is needed to get our Dossier filed in China.  After that happens, our adoption will begin to move forward quickly.  

There are so many reasons we would like to be able to pay for our daughter's complete adoption on our own and just show you the fun pictures and highlight reel.  But part of our faith journey has been trusting God's provision for something He's called us to that is beyond our resources.  The estimated cost of our adoption is $30,000.  We have paid over half the total amount through savings that we have had.  However, we know we will still need another $15,000 by the time it is all said and done.  

Would you be willing to help us complete this journey?  All funds from this t-shirt purchase go directly to help cover adoption costs.  We are eagerly awaiting a call that we've been matched with our sweet girl.  

We are excited to tell our sweet daughter one day about all the people (YOU!) that God used to "wreck the roof" for us so we could bring her home.  We invite you to join us on our adoption journey and welcome you to invite your friends and family along, as well!!  We can't wait to meet our precious daughter and promise to keep you updated along the way!  

With hearts full of faith and gratitude,

Andrew, Lauren, Christian, & Atticus Kossack

Thank you for helping to make our adoption dream come true. For adoption updates, check out our blog: www.LaurenKossack.com.

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